Limited Print Run, Highly Collectable

The Nifty Encyclopedia is a desperately needed guide to NFTs for newcomers and anyone seriously attempting to fully comprehend the interworkings of non-fungible token technology and web 3.0. 

This beautifully scripted historical and technical guide also includes a chronological timeline, content, and advisory from NFT heroes and inventors of the technology as we know it today. These Nifty collaborators include Reeve Collins, Craig Sellars, Eric Pulier, Joel Comm, Travis Wright, J.R. Willett, and more.  

With over 300 hours of research, and 2 years of writing, The Nifty Enclopedia needed 1 full-time author, 4 dedicated co-authors, 3 editors, 2 researchers, and over 25 more advisors and contributors to the only book you’ll ever need in NFTs.  There are thousands of people to thank for this perfectly poetic composition, from the robust team it took to produce to the inspiring devs, artists, and visionaries that brought this technology to life.

Interactive 3D NFT BOOK

The Nifty Encyclopedia will be released as an Interactive 3D NFT Book with loads of Utility, including community access to the authors, in-person meetups, Signed copies of the IRL Coffee Table book for each NFT Holders, Whitelist for future books published by Metaverse Publishing, Airdrops, and many more.

A Beautiful Coffee Table Book

The Nifty Encyclopedia was created to help teach more people about NFTs and the value they have. For this reason, we will also release the Encyclopedia as a Coffee Table Book not associated with an NFT to allow people that are not comfortable with NFTs yet to access the book and learn. As a community we should spread these far and wide – consider gifting copies to schools, communities and artists that are not in the space yet. We owe it to them to help educate them about the awesomeness of NFTs

You can pre-order copies of the book below to give out and help spread the word about NFTs. These are Beautiful Coffee Table books with none of the Utility included in the NFT drop. Books will be shipped in December – In Time for the Holidays.


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